For the complete syllabus - 31A PaintingSyllabus.pdf

Prerequisites: ART 4, Color and Design or equivalent skills.

Co-requisites: Art 50L, Gallery Viewing Lab

Lab fee = $15.00 (Lab fee materials and your purchased materials listed separately)

Course Outline:

This is an introductory painting course. You will be introduced to basic painting techniques using acrylic paint. You will also be introduced to historic, modern and contemporary painting concepts and theories.

Class begins sharply at 2:30 and ends at 5:35 with a 15-20 min. break mid-way through. However the break may fall at the end of class. All demonstrations and lectures will be presented at the beginning of the class period.

Course content will be presented with lectures, slides, demonstrations, discussion and critiques.

I will do select demonstrations throughout the semester and create projects that allow you to explore various painting challenges. You will also be asked to recognize methods used to integrate painting

concepts into finished works.

Individual consultation and demonstrations will be given as is appropriate.

Studio and museum trips will be organized as supplements to class meetings.

You will be able to store works in progress in the studio or a shared exterior locker.

You are responsible for purchasing and maintaining materials that are not supplied.

Good studentship is a significant part of a good grade. Please refer to the Cabrillo College catalog for student rights and           responsibilities -

Disruptive behavior – please see page 4.

Below is a list of my expectations for successful learning:

  1. 1.Communicate. This is a very large class making it complicated to always recognize your needs.

  2. 2.Be on time and prepared with all materials and all class information and keep track of class calendar.

  3. 3.Allow for mistakes.

  4. 4.Effort over talent is more important.

  5. 5.Keep all electronic devices off during the lecture portion of class. Use cells outside only.

  6. 6.Be courteous to everyone in the class.Take care when closing doors and moving furniture.

  7. 7.Participate fully. Ask questions and be involved.

  8. 8.Be responsible for yourself and your actions.

Please be aware of our class and college calendar. Our final critique is on Wednesday, May 30th. I’ve reduced our dependency on paper by making a web page for Art 31A - but you can also reach it by going through my home page at Limited paper handouts will be available.

Course Objectives: 1.To develop and explore personal approaches in painting mediums guided by selective concepts. 2.To create works of art, which stress effective visual organization, risk taking experimentation, originality

and craftsmanship. 3.To understand cultural and ethnic diversity and political/social content in contemporary painting and

methods to include these concepts into your own work. 4.To develop a verbal foundation in regards to your work (visual images) and concepts. 5.To develop a strong critical evaluation of personal artwork and to the analysis of relationships among parts

(formal design principles) 6.To study other artists, their art, philosophies and art processes through computer web site access,

publications, and periodical resources. 7.To study modern and post modern movements and artists with an emphasis on becoming more aware of

1various aesthetic philosophies and theory. 8.To develop a journal which documents the originality of concept and image, both through ideation and

execution – self-expression. 9.To adhere to safe studio practices so that the class environment is a creative and productive one for us all. 10. To further develop individual skills and techniques towards the development of a style.